Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Day Late and 11-Miles to Go

March 29:
(All these pictures are actually from yesterday (3/28), but they got overshadowed by Cami's mission call, so they're going on today's blogpost!)

It was the last day of Spring Break on Monday.   Most people planned last hurrah trips to fun places, like the zoo or a museum,  but not us.   Fun is boring.   We like hard things.    So my kids begged me  to take them on an 11-mile hike to Glen's work.  

So we did. 

We started at the 11.5 mile marker in Vienna (no picture)... 

and trudged in the cold wind (and losing Ellie's new water bottle along the way)... 

to the 22.5 mile marker that's right by Glen's office in Sterling!   

Then we stopped in at the trampoline and arcade center that's next door to Glen's work while he finished up a meeting.   

The kids were a little underdressed for the whipping wind, but, all in all, they were all troupers who only complained a little.    We finished the day tired and happy at the Buffalo Wild Wing Factory.   

It was the second 10+ miler we'd done in the last week, a fact, which made us all proud!   
Way to go, family!  You're awesome! 


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R said...

They look so cold. But that long of a hike again wow! I am very impressed.

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