Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another day down!

Just so I'm not creating any false expectations for my future blogging habits, I feel it is only fair to let all my blogging friends know that the reason for my recent rash of daily blogging is that I am attempting to make a new blog post every day that Glen is away from home. He's been missing out on the crazy events of our daily lives, so this is my small attempt to keep him connected from the other side of the world. In another week or so I will be returning to my every-other-day-or-so blogging routine. :)

Today we started the day at the elementary school to see "Madame President" get sworn into office. She's a good foot shorter than the previous president (seen at left), but I have no doubt she will fill the presidential shoes quite well!

Cami was glowing as she showed off her other awards: the Presidential Physical Fitness award and a Literacy award (both received by only a handful of other students).

Then it was off to Emma's end-of-year party where, much to Ellie's delight, we got to enjoy cheese pizza and juice boxes with Emma's first grade class. Here is Emma with her teacher, a fun, energetic 23-year-old fresh out of college.

Ellie and Adam have been in the school so much with me this year, that they seemed like part of the class sometimes. Both Ellie and Adam were asked by most of Emma's classmates to pose for pictures with them and also to sign their yearbooks. Adam's signature blended right in with the rest of the first graders, but I had to laugh as Ellie enthusiastically "signed" all those yearbooks with a giant E (with several more horizontal lines than necessary).

As per Kristina's request I've added an image of Emma's yearbook page including their signatures (circled in red).

So, now there's only two more crazy, insane days left...then hopefully we'll have a few days to relax and hang out at the pool before Daddy comes home! We miss you Glen!


K said...

Cami looks like a Madame President! Your kids are all so amazing! Congrats on an outstanding year!

I would love to see Ellie's signature!

GG said...

I love the posts! They are helping me maintain some level of sanity while missing out on all of the end of year festivities.

I miss you all very much and I can't wait until next week!

annalisa said...

good luck cami on your new job as madame president!

JenJ said...

We are so excited for Cami!!!! Good for her for running again, and well worth it wasn't it? Way better than President Lincoln! He ran SO many times before he won! Way to go Cami!!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Now mom knows why she hasn't heard from you in a week. Your life is probably the busiest and most hectic of anyone we know. Mom understands your dilemma a bit, as she used to spend a lot of time as a single mom when I would head off to Europe 3-4 times a year for a couple of weeks at a time.

One of these days-you need to plan on going with Glen. Mom will come out and babysit when the time comes.

She was so glad to hear from you today and catch up with you a bit.

We are all so proud of Cami-kins and her new role as "Madame President". No doubt that she will be the best ever at Fairhill.

We love you guys.


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