Monday, June 30, 2008

Emma's Example...

Having five kids has made me somewhat of a doctor avoider. I've been told one too many times, "It's just a virus." So we tend to wing it through all the colds, flus, rashes, fevers, and stomach bugs and save the doctor's visits for well-child check-ups, vaccinations, and the most egregious symptoms...the fever lasting 5 days (just a virus), the rash on a belly that's been there for a month (just a virus that takes 1-2 YEARS to go away)'s always a virus!

So last Thursday Emma woke up with her face completely swollen and red. Her eyes were mere slits and her face was quite itchy.

We were completely perplexed as to what could have possibly caused this type of reaction. I thought of our laundry soap, shampoo, soap, foods, etc, to come up with anything that we might have changed recently. The only new thing at all I could come up with were her glasses...but who's ever heard of being allergic to glasses?

So, I guess it was the fact that her eyes were practically swollen shut that got me to throw off my mantra of home treatments and call the doctor within the first minute of it opening.

I don't know quite what I expected taking her in, but it turns out that once again I had overlooked the obvious.

It's poison ivy.

I've never had poison ivy in my entire life and this is the third time Emma has had it in the last month! Apparently, like her Daddy, who has had a systemic reaction to it before, she's grown sensitized to it, so it doesn't take much exposure for her to react anymore.

This is Emma 24 hours after treatment had begun--the only remnants of her previous state was the very minor swelling and a rash all over her lower right cheek and chin (which is apparently where she had contact with the poison ivy).

With the swelling and the involvement of her eyes, the doctor did prescribe an oral steroid. Which, thankfully has been a wonder drug for sweet Emma who had taken to hiding her face when there were other people around--just to avoid the staring and pointing (sad, but true). In other words, I am glad I took her into the doctor, even if it was a decidedly unglamorous diagnosis once again.

Through this whole ordeal, I was so impressed that she remained remarkably cheerful and optimistic. In fact as soon as the doctor said, "Poison ivy", she grinned from ear to ear...for that meant that her new glasses were definitely not the culprit!

On the way home I grew more and more amazed at her positive attitude as in her puffy, itchy misery she devised the following list...How I am like my Daddy (by Emma)....

1. We both have brown eyes
2. We both have ticklish feet
3. We're the only ones to wear glasses in the family
4. We're both third children
5. We both get itchy backs a lot
6. We both like to read books
7. And we both get poison ivy too much!

And a child shall lead them.


Daddy said...

I have to say that Emma looks much better in poison ivy than I do! I'm glad she went to the doctor one day into her reaction instead of her stubborn father who didn't go see the doctor until suffering with it for a week.

Emma, your list sure made me smile! I'm really glad we share so much in common!

I love you!!!

Karey said...

Emma- I hope that you feel better. You are such a wonderful girl!!! I look forward to seeing the picture of you with your sunglasses on!!!!

Charlene said...

What a sweet spirit she has!! I hope she feels better! I have never seen poison ivy either, so thanks for the tip and what to look for!

Rosanna-Steve said...

Oooh poor Emmakins! I had poison ivy once on my mission and suffered in misery for a week because I did not go to the doctor.

But, it finally cleared up and I felt so much better.

Grandma and I are glad that you feel so much better. Also glad that it is not your new glasses that caused you to swell up-because they look so pretty on you.

You are indeed just like you wonderful Daddy!!

We love you Emma.


K said...

I can't believe you got poison ivy again! Poor baby! I'm glad you are starting to feel better! I'm relieved it wasn't your super cool glasses causing the rash!

McKenzie said...

Emma has owwie? I kiss better?

bridgette said...

Me hungry, I think I will eat my toes now!

annalisa said...

poor emma with the poison ivy. i'm glad that you're feeling better, though. you're new glasses are way cute on you!

K said...

Andrew says, "I don't like rashes either."

Aitch said...

Emma had an allergy
that no one could explain.
It made her swell and squint
and moan and groan in pain.

A single slight exposure,
and she’d start to squawk and twitch.
A second time ensured
her body felt like one gigantic itch.

At last they found the cause,
which Emma thought was pretty cool.
So now she stays at home;
she is allergic to her school . . . oops, I meant poison ivy.

Twinkies said...

Wow I didn't know you guys knew someone else with the name bridgette. Cause she certainly didn't say that. Plus her typing skills are still a little crazy. This bridgette said "Emma I wish I was there to give you a big hug and a good wet slobberly kiss."

Emma said...

Thanks for all the comments. I like to check a couple times a day to see if I got anymore comments I get so exited when I get more comments. I like to read the comments you left.

K said...

Wow, Heather you created quite the cool poem! Did you write it yourself? Can you write one on my blog too? Please!

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