Thursday, June 5, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

So it seems like ages since I've blogged. After the last post I kept trying to think of something worthy of blogging about...silently lamenting that although my life is in super-speed, there wasn't that much going on that anyone else would be interested in reading about.

Then yesterday afternoon I decided that I just HAD to blog about I sat down to do a post about Adam (which you will see sometime in the next day or two), when a huge storm blew in quite quickly and powerfully. Because of the large trees blanketing our neighborhood and the above-ground power lines--our power is very quick to go out with any sure enough, within one minute of the storm beginning our power was out!

Thunderstorms aren't uncommon here, but this storm definitely had a different "feel" to it, so just to be on the safe side I took Ellie and Adam to the basement and called my sister to check the weather for me. Not surprisingly she informed me that it was indeed a severe thunderstorm and in fact that there was also a tornado warning...but no worries it was several miles away.

Unbeknownst to me, while Ellie, Adam, and I calmly played car and dollhouse in the basement to pass the time, Spencer was hunkered down in an interior hallway of his school because of an actual tornado touchdown nearby--not several miles away at all! In all of my years of tornado drills after having grown up in Minnesota and NEVER having had to use it...I was so shocked to find out that poor Spencer actually had to experience it. In retrospect, I'm really glad my sister didn't know about or mention this particular tornado...because I'm pretty sure I would not have been anywhere near as calm had I known how nearby it was--especially to one of my children!

Today life is back to normal. The kids are at school, our lights are back on, our internet is working, and our air conditioning has finally sucked all of the humidity back out of our house, I have no excuses for not doing laundry or cooking dinner tonight or picking up all of the branches and sticks from our yard. Chores, schmores! Blogging is way more fun than all that! :)

In the future, I think I'll forgo the interesting/exciting events and be ever so grateful for my busy, sometimes mundane life with a houseful of chores to do, five little sweeties who keep me running, and a totally amazing husband who supports me in my craziness!


Deon said...

Glad everyone is ok! Things weren't quite as scary up this way, but I was glued to the news!

Denise said...

Holy stinin' cute blog update!

I am glad all is well with you. I know what you mean.

Boring is good.

Deanne said...

I was just thinking I hadn't see any new posts for about a week...which seems very unusual for you! ;) Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound and back to the normal routine.

Charlene said...

I love the every day little things, because someone out there has to be experiencing the same thing you are, and it is nice to know that you are not alone!! IN fact, as I am reading your blog, I am also experiencing a thunderstorm, with a tornado watch!! Crazy!!!! Probably not a big surprise coming where I am from!

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