Monday, June 9, 2008

Girls' day out!

While Glen, Adam, and Spencer were baking in 99° weather at a fathers & sons camp-out at Virginia Beach...I made an executive decision that us girls needed to have a little fun too.

So we threw out all chores for the day and played...and then I came home and played some more with my Photoshop Elements! (Notice how Ellie can't take her eyes off the cheesecake long enough to even glance at the camera.) °Ü°

This page was made with elements and papers from a Shabby Princess kit called Island Chic.


Deanne said...

So fun! Ellie looks especially excited about the food. I would be too. It looks yummy!

Charlene said...

How fun!! I love girl days out. I need to do them more often, because Emma loves it being just "girls"!

annalisa said...

sounds like fun! the cheesecake does look delicious:)

Denise said...

First of all...good for you! Looks awesome. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off the cheesecake either!

And secondly, cute, cute, cute LO. Love the colors!

K said...

Wow, did Cami get her haircut? Cute!

Sounds like great fun! I wouldn't want to take my eyes off that cheesecake either!

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