Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Birthday Tribute to an Old Man...

In conjunction with the state of my I am late on the night of his birthday composing his birthday tribute, knowing that the majority of you will read it when his 37th birthday has already passed. I guess the old adage, "Better late than never" will have to apply here. Happy Birthday Glen!

Yeah, I know I should be careful throwing the term "old man" around, but I have to gloat somehow that Glen is older than me by exactly a year and ten months! :)

He was such a handsome fellow, even way back in the golden age of Donny and Marie!

For today's tribute, I've asked the kids to tell me the five coolest things about Glen. So without further ado, I'll let them speak for themselves!

Here are the coolest things about my Dad by Cami:
  • I love that he takes me on daddy-daughter dates.
  • My daddy does everything right. (you wouldn't ever hear them making that comment about their mom)
  • Daddy is an awesome trampoline jumper.
  • My daddy is really good at math, so I know he'll always know the answer. I guess that's why he's an accountant.
  • My daddy plays the piano really well and he'll even play a duet with me.

By Ellie:
  • He gives me piggy-back rides!
  • He buys us Slurpees.
  • Daddy listens to me sing and always claps.
  • He reads me stories and makes them much more exciting than mommy does!
  • Daddy plays with me when we go swimming and he even lets me splash him!

Here's what Emma had to say:

  • He is always nice to me, even when I'm grumpy.
  • I like it when he jumps on the trampoline with me, because he makes me go high in the sky.
  • I like it when he helps me with my piano, since I've already bypassed my mom's piano knowledge. (Sad, but true.)
  • My daddy is so smart and he can always help me with my homework!
  • My daddy tells the funniest jokes and is sometimes really goofy!

By Adam:
  • My dad's an awesome golfer. I love it when he takes me mini-golfing.
  • I like it when daddy takes me fishing.
  • Daddy takes us for ice cream and lets us get our own sundae.
  • My daddy likes to look at my caterpillars and insects with me.
  • He's the best rock-skipper in the world. One time he skipped it so many times we couldn't even count that fast.

By Spencer:
  • My dad plays golf really well. I think it's awesome how he takes me golfing with him most weekends now.
  • I love it when dad plays basketball with me. Once in a while I can even beat him.
  • He's a great person to play any sport or game with. He usually wins, but I'm getting better.
  • He's very supportive of me and my pursuits.
  • I love it when he jumps on the trampoline with us. My mom is a total wimp and won't let me bounce her, but daddy is WAY more fun.
  • He still lets us dog-pile him!

And from me:
  • He's not scared of snakes or bugs, so I can always count on him to take care of any wandering insects that may enter our home...

  • He knows when to be extraordinarily goofy...

  • ...and when to be gentle and sweet.

  • He's a righteous priesthood leader in our home (you Captain Moroni!)

  • And he's a great kisser!

What more can I say? Happy 37th Birthday Hunny! I love you!


Stephen-Rosanna said...

Happy Birthday Glen! (It is still your birthday here.) What a great Dad and husband you are. We love you.

K said...

Happy Birthday Glen! I hope you had a great day and got to go home from work early enough to enjoy some cake! (o:

Pete said...

Happy b-day Glen! Could've done without knowing that you are a great kisser, but otherwise a very cute post.

Charlene said...

What a great tribute!! Happy Birthday Glen!

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