Monday, June 23, 2008

Emma: Before and After

Emma with her old glasses (old being a relative term, since she's only had them about 10 months)...notice the tape on the right side holding them together.

Emma with her brand new stylin' glasses...complete with clip-on sunglasses.

Since I imagine most of you have never purchased bifocals before (Emma has eyes beyond her years), be prepared. They're EXPENSIVE!


Charlene said...

WOW!!! glasses have come along way! They look great! I remember wearing Annie upside down glasses that my mom bought for me! Uffta!! I didn't like them at all!

annalisa said...

emma you look so cute in your new glasses!

Matthew K said...

They are very cute on you, Emma. I must say that you are getting so grown up.

Aitch said...

I love the new glasses Emma! You look fabulous in them!

I want to see a picture of you wearing the clip-on sunglasses. I bet you look just like a movie star :o)

Steve-Rosanna said...

They are gorgeous Emma! Love the new style.

Aunt Aitch is right-you do look like a movie star.

We love you Emmakins!!


Daddy said...

Emma - you do look great in your new glasses! I hope these glasses last longer than your previous pair :-)! I always love to see your smile!!!

I love you!

Pete said...

I just got new glasses too, but you look WAY cuter in yours. I want to see the clip-on sunglasses too.

Emma said...

My mom said that she would take a picture of me in my clip on sunglasses.

Come and look tomorrow

From Emma

Karey said...

We look forward to seeing the pictures of your sunglasses tomorrow. I am sure that you look really cool with them on. Also I hope that your face feels better.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Karey

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