Saturday, June 7, 2008

Freeze frame!

The older I get, the faster the milestones keep on coming in our family! Lost teeth, graduations, "big" birthdays, awards, riding bikes, potty training, reading know what I mean. The kind of thing that's good and you're excited that it's happened, but at the same time just a tad bit sad and nostalgic as you realize that THAT child will never have that moment again. That they're growing up way too fast...[sniff]!

So, my sweet little Adam is graduated from preschool and off to all-day kindergarten in a few months and it might as well have been high school graduation for how emotional it made me! I keep telling my kids to stop growing so fast and freeze frame for a while, yet every time I turn around they're taller and smarter and my hair is grayer!

Oh well...I guess I wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe for the gray hair part).


Charlene said...

I know what you mean. We keep telling our children that we don't like that they grow up too fast. They tell us, it is because we feed them!!! We tell them we are going to stop feeding them so they won't grow up anymore. Emma asked, "Are you serious?" gotta love them!

Pete said...

Congrats Adam! Good job buddy.
I am starting to understand what Lara is talking about (the kids growing up too fast part AND the gray hair part).

Denise said...

Oh me too. That's just how I feel!

JenJ said...

I can't find my post I just left you I'll leave another one. But I totally agree and I miss them already. I treasure my time with these sweet kids! It helps to know so many great women whose kids have grown up. They keep things in can still appreciate it when everyone is sick or whatever.

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