Monday, June 16, 2008

This is for the birds...

So I decided that daily blogging is for the birds...and certainly not anywhere near as rewarding now that I know that ever since Glen arrived in Shanghai a few days ago that he's not been able to see the blog at all. :( But a goal is a goal, hence I go forward blogging until he returns....although a short one is all I can manage today.

An update from "A Bad Hack Job" posted on Saturday--our obnoxious looking bush has 3 new fuzzy, hungry little residents (and 2 more to come)!

Sorry if I sound a tad bitter, I may be a bit worn out today after we spent several hours of our first day of summer break without electricity.


Charlene said...

I am glad that you are finally done with school activites!!! How busy for you! So what are your summer activities?:)

Deanne said...

What a neat picture. I love all their little open beaks.

mom said...

Cool being able to watch the eggs hatch, etc.

Why no electricity?

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