Friday, June 20, 2008

Biding our time at the zoo!

On Wednesday, it was a beautiful day--sunny and 80°. So we decided it was the perfect day to go to the National Zoo to pass the time while we anxiously awaited Glen's return that evening!

My kids run to climb into the ZOO sign as soon as they spot it. We have a gazillion pictures that look an awful lot like this one...but, hey, who am I to mess with tradition?

The addition of our little birdie friends who have taken up residence in our bush, seemed to make the kids particularly fascinated with the exotic birds of the zoo. They peppered me with questions about their diets, habitats, and location in the world and constantly compared them to what they knew of our own little birds (thank goodness for those informational signs).

And climbing on statues always seems to be an important part of any trip to the zoo. Although Spence could do without the picture taking part of the deal; the rest of the kids are eager to pose for the camera atop their lofty statuesque perches.

Now, I've got my own zoo going on here at my house today with 10 kids (a regular occurrence in the summertime) I will keep this short and be off to my second job as zoo keeper!


Steve-Rosanna said...

The DC zoo looks gorgeous.

You are lucky to have such a quality zoo so near.

Thanks for your post.

A retired former "zoo"-keeper.


Floyd Family said...

I love that zoo! What a great day out and great pictures. The zoo here is fine, but everything pales in comparason to the beautiful grounds there!

Charlene said...

We don't get to the zoo often, but it is a fun trip when we get a chance to go. Why do you have 10 kids regularly come to your house? Do you babysit, or are they friends coming over a lot?

Lara said...

Each of my kids had a friend over at the same time, which brought us up to ten. I try to avoid that happening too often, but somehow it still regularly occurs.

Kim said...

I wish we lived closer to each other. Then we could share being the summer home for the neighborhood!! What a great day at the zoo! Doesn't matter what zoo you go to the pictures are the same!!

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