Sunday, June 15, 2008

We miss you Glen!

(Sorry if the ongoing music is annoying. I tried to change it so it didn't play automatically, but then it wouldn't play at all. )

My kids are so confused this year...why I was away from home on Mother's Day and now Glen is away on Father's Day. After reassuring them that it was not their breakfasts in bed we were avoiding, I gave some thought to the matter and decided that it is not something I'd like to make a tradition. It was really sad not having Glen there as the Primary kids sang, "My Daddy is my favorite pal..." and although I've missed him immensely the entire time he's been away, the feelings are even more acute today.

We miss you Hunny and want you to know that this Father's Day has been so lonely without the Daddy around!

Happy Father's Day to Glen and also to Grandpa Steve & Grandpa're the best!


K said...

I love the slideshow and I have to bet that Glen does too! (o:

Lara said...

Actually Glen hasn't been able to see the blog at all since arriving to Shanghai. For some reason his internet access has been very limited. :(

Oh well I guess he'll see it when he gets home.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Absolutely love that song and the entire Father's Day message to Glen.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Love, Dad-Mom

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