Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mission Accomplished....almost.

When Glen told me that he had a business trip to Asia starting on Sunday, I was somewhat relieved that through most of his trip the kids would still be in school. However my naive relief was very short-lived and quickly turned to panic, when I realized what herculean tasks I had before me this last week of school.

So last night I had a tall order...a pretty tall order even with both parents around...THREE CONCERTS in three DIFFERENT PLACES at exactly the SAME TIME.

I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I was sure going to try!

So I arranged a ride for Cami to get to her orchestra concert, dropped Spencer off at the middle school for his band concert, then went back to the elementary school to watch Cami perform on her cello.

Cami played beautifully and thankfully her orchestra was performing second on the program, so we were out of there by 7:25...off to the piano recital for Emma and Cami.

We made a very grand and rude entrance into the piano recital about 5 minutes after it started in a very packed house. Emma had worked so hard on her songs, "Ode to Joy" and "Brahm's Lullaby", and didn't even need her sheet music. Cami performed, "Tarantella" which she also knew well and played it super warp speed! Then at 7:45 we made a very grand and even ruder exit....and we were off to the band concert at the middle school where Spencer was performing last. Things were looking good!

Unfortunately this is where our well-laid plan went asunder. We had a little melt-down leaving the piano recital--and who could blame them? I was rushing them around like a crazed taxi-driver and they were missing out on the fun parts of the evening...friends AND refreshments!

So we almost saw Spencer perform--missed him by less than a minute, but missed it completely nonetheless.

I hope that was the worst of it and now all I have left is two end-of-year picnics, field day, teacher gifts, two award ceremonies, and a sick child! I think I'll be just as excited about school being over as the kids this year!

We miss you Glen!


Denise said...

What a bummer.

Maybe if you promise no more girls weekends, Glen will promise no more business trips!

Charlene said...

You are a brave woman to tackle all that by yourself!!! I only have to deal with one right now, and really not looking forward to the others getting older and busier!

JenJ said...

Spencer sure looks great in his tie and stuff!!
Way to go for not giving up on all the concerts!!! True Lara style.

The Busby Family said...

Wow, that's a lot in one night. Good job almost getting to all of them. I like your new blog layout!

K said...

Everyone sure looks good. I'm glad you almost made it! Was Spencer disappointed?

Lara said...

Yes it's true...Spencer is handsome and tall now! He's only got 2 more inches before he catches up to me. Now if he would only smile when I take pictures. :)

GG said...

Sorry to leave you with all the year end performances, banquets, etc. I do wish I were there. Our kids sure look good in their performance dress. I wish I could have been there!


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