Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Youngest Queen fan!

Recently Ellie has begun this charming little habit of quoting lines from her favorite books and of dramatically singing her favorite songs.

How it makes me smile when she quotes from one of our family favorite books, Bedhead! ...."One, she said. Two, she said. Three, she said. B-b-b-b-b0ing!" (out of context it's not very humorous, but this book actually makes my kids roll on the floor laughing every time.)

And I have to admit my motherly pride surges when her little snippets of songs are almost on-key! Yes! Another child who's inherited Glen's musical ability and not my own unfortunate tone deafness.

So yesterday I discovered that in addition to enjoying the more typical three-year-old fare of primary songs, You are My Sunshine, ABC's, and Twinkle Twinkle that she's also a fan of the musical group Queen.

How do I know this fact?

It would be that within a 24-hour period she could be heard enthusiastically belting out: "We are the champions, we are the champions, we are the champions of the WORLD!"

and then later on: "We will, we will ROCK you!"

Um, yeah. Now you know what kind of music we have on our I-Tunes.


Twinkies said...

I've heard you sing Lara and you are no where near tone def. Ellie is such a cutie!

Lara said...

Okay. Maybe I'm not completely tone deaf, but even partial tone deafness is a definite handicap when it comes to joining the ward choir or other musical ventures.

Kim said...

Too funny!! She and my 3 year old daughter would get along splendidly!

Charlene said...

How cute is that picture!!!! I love singing and music! Well, not from me, from others. I too, get excited when my children sing or are interested in music in some way! By the way, great music choices!

Daddy said...

I have to say that hearing Ellie sing these very songs to me over the phone last night was the cutest thing ever! It made me even more eager to get home!

Keep singing sweet Ellie!


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