Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not yet Ellie!

Caution: If references to (or pictures of) female items of clothing make you blush, then you may want to close this window quickly...or not!

I have three sisters and when we were growing up my Mom set the precedent for us sisters that we could talk only in code terms about girl stuff, so as not to embarrass my four brothers and Dad.

So when my own girls and me were shopping at the mall the other day, Ellie became fascinated with the bras and just couldn't resist trying one on.

She was quite proud of herself as she figured out how to get it on herself and showed it off for anyone who would take notice.

(I'm sure my Mom has fainted with mortification right about now at the appalling behavior of her daughter condoning such behavior and even documenting for the world to see)...sorry Mom.

Then she asked me what it was called.

Almost without thinking I replied, "Oh Ellie, that's an 'arb'. "

So here's to Mom, my sisters, and daughters...better put away your "arb", since "grandma's coming to visit".

I hope you're not blushing too much now.


Mom said...

Ellie is too young for that! Good grief! I am horrified! What are you teaching your children Lara?

K said...

I sure hope Ellie's grandma doesn't come to town for a long time! She's only 3 after all!

Lara said...

Mom, I can't really tell, but I [really] hope that your comment is laced with sarcasm.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Last night was very interesting. I was sitting on the bed watching the 6th game of the NBA Finals and Mom was on the computer-when all of the sudden I heard her moan and slump over in her chair.

Fearing the worst, I ran over and found that she had fainted dead away while reading this post. A little smelling salts and some water and she was soon almost back to normal-although still babbling a bit about the shame of it all.

Poor mom. Oh well, she will soon be back to normal.

Cute post however. By the way, what is an "arb"?

Love, Dad

Charlene said...

It is amazing to me how interested little girls are about "arbs" and other feminine things. My daughter is always asking me why I need to wear an "arb", why I wear make-up, and why do I put gel in my hair? I don't remember asking my mother these questions.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Disclaimer: The very first comment was not mine.

Must of been made by Dad or K.

At 1:23 am, it had to be K, since Dad was sound asleep still celebrating the Celtics big time win.


Matthew said...

I think that the times are all Eastern, therefore it was only 11:23 pm in Utah and 10:23 pm in California, so it could have been either Kristina or Dad who wrote the very first post. But my money is on Dad. Interestingly, I think that the previous comment with the disclaimer was actually written by dad. Since it claims that dad was celebrating the Celtics win in his sleep (like anyone could know that besides dad).

K said...

I'm pretty sure that first comment was not written by mom!

Kim said...

You are so funny!! My daughter snarls her nose when she sees it and says she is never going to have to wear that! (good luck honey!)

Pete said...

I am confused. Does an "arb" go on your "seiboob"?

mom said...

This is the very first comment "mom" has actually made on this post. Thanks a lot to K and Dad for pretending to be me.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Pete, what in the heck is a "seiboob"?

Wish all you would stop talking in code!

Love, Dad

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