Saturday, June 11, 2016

Driving Onward

May 21:  Our trip is drawing to a close soon, but first we have one more destination to get to that was on everyone's list!


First thing this morning we took off from Lyon (after finding a cute little French bakery to buy some pain au chocolats for our breakfast) to drive to Paris--about a four hour drive.  It is Saturday, so we hoped to miss any heavy traffic along the way but alas, it was not meant to be.   Between a 40+ mile wrong turn we took and the horrendous traffic, it took much longer to get there than we hoped.  By the time we got to Versailles Palace  it was mid-afternoon and every open parking spot within a 47-mile radius of Versailles seemed to be already occupied.  It took us an hour to find parking.
So, it was clearly crowded....

But happily not nearly as crowded as the Vatican had been.

We also enjoyed the audio tour of Versailles much more than the obnoxiously boring and long audio tour of the Vatican.

We enjoyed exploring the palace and hearing some of the stories about the multiple King Louis that called Versailles home.

I also loved the natural light that was much more prevalent than in most other castles, museums,  and cathedrals we visited.  

And the artwork was every bit as ornate and beautiful as the Vatican had been.  

The worst part about it (other than the horrible parking)....

was finding out afterward that we were literally....

only a couple of blocks from the Paris temple and had no idea!   BUMMER!   We likely even drove right by it in our searching-for-parking escapades and didn't even recognize it for what it was, especially since it's one of only four temples that has no spires or Moroni.

After Versailles we went across the street and got some dinner.

It was a nice night for eating outside...

And we loved giving some real deal French food a try!

Stay tuned for our Parisian adventures!  


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