Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Lump

June 10:
Today Glen had a "giant lipoma" removed from his back.

 Because of how large it was, the surgery had to be done in the hospital.

Lipomas are almost always benign, so the doctor isn't worried too much about it, but they are doing a biopsy on it just to be on the safe side.    The surgery took about an hour and while he was under I went to visit the pediatric hematology-oncology floor.   They recently built a brand new wing of the hospital and it's now on the tenth floor of the new wing.   I only ran into one familiar face (Holly from ChildLife).   It's crazy how much things change in four years.   

Between the surgery and the visit to the hem-onc floor, I was surprisingly worn out, and later forgot all about a birthday party that Ellie was  invited to.  Eventually (after a phone call from the mom of a girl I was supposed to pick up along the way)  I dropped her off late when I took Adam to his flag football game.  
It was a long day, but this sunset was a beautiful finish to the day.


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Saimi said...

Wow, that was one big lump, I'm so glad he had it removed and I'm hoping the results will come back with good news!! The sunset is amazing!! Now that cake in your previous post looks absolutely delish! Missionary's are the best!!

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