Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rolling Thunder and More

May 29:  It's the Sunday before Memorial Day, which means that it's the day that Rolling Thunder rolls through our community.    

Don't know what Rolling Thunder is?  

Let me enlighten you.   Every year as Memorial Day approaches, motorcyclists from around the nation gather in the DC area to participate in events that bring awareness to the POW's and MIA's from the wars of the past.    There are numerous events all over the area during the weekend, but on the Sunday before Memorial Day, they gather at Harley Davidson stores, the policemen block off other traffic, and they caravan parade-style to a gathering in downtown DC.     It's quite an amazing sight to see a stream of thousands of motorcyclists unified in a patriotic cause.

It's one of the highlights of our Memorial Day weekend and we are grateful for the opportunity we have to cheer them on in their journey most years (when our church schedule doesn't interfere with the timing).

We love seeing their motorcycles bedecked in flags and other patriotic symbols!

The only problem with Rolling Thunder, is that we always get blocked into our neighborhood by the road closures.   In order for me to get to ward council, I had to drive several miles  the opposite direction of the church, so that I could get around the closures.   Luckily I know that, because there was one poor fellow who just moved to the area, who ended up arriving quite late.


The Goolds had two fully good days in a row?   

Of course this couldn't be!   

Spencer informed us today that he was actually injured in his car crash earlier this week and that he thought he needed to see the doctor.  

So he had a large wound on his wrist from the airbag and X-rays preliminarily showed a fracture.  
So yeah, the rolling thunder in our lives seems to be continuing onward.


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Saimi said...

Oh dear, he didn't escape injury free. Yep and as Garth Brooks sings it so well, 'And the thunder rolls.'
Love the idea of the motorcycle club rolling in and out in honor of the men and woman who serve our country! A great cause indeed!! I'm so glad I don't have to participate in Ward Council anymore - ours was bright and early and with having to feed the horses I had to do in in my dress so I could go straight to the church afterwards. Our farm is not where we live.

So my name came from my Finnish Grandmother on my moms side. My grandma named my mom Sally Ann which is the English version of Saimi Ingree, I was named after my grandma. It's actually a very common name in Finland but seems to be a rarity in the U.S

Well hope your 'weather' settles down for you and your son has a quick recovery!

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