Sunday, June 19, 2016

Normal Life?

May 31: First semi-normal feeling day since coming back from our trip, except for Ellie packing her bags for Hogwarts.   Did lots and lots of laundry.

June 1: Spencer was having some neuropsych testing done, so we spent ALL day at Children's Hospital in DC.

June 2:  Had to drive Spence both ways to work, took a hike with the Spigarelli's and stake YW leaders, Ellie missed activity days because I am inept, and we went to a concert at JMHS for mutual tonight.

June 3: Another almost normal day.  Tried to take Adam to flag football practice and game and spent an hour in traffic only to find out that the road was flooded and closed.   We went back home.

 June 4:  Went on a hike around Burke Lake (about 4.5 miles), then spent the rest of the day doing yard and house work.

June 5:  As per ward tradition, the girls who went to Mormon prom wore their dresses to church today.   Here's a glimpse of four of my beautiful Laurels!   Love these girls!

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