Monday, June 20, 2016

A Day at the Beach

June 7: Today we gathered with Ellie's little girly book group, who had just read a book about Mary Anning and her fossil finds,  and headed to Flag Pond State Park in Maryland for a day at the beach.
Zoe E., Ellie, Simone T., Miriam P.

After a stressful couple of weeks since returning home from our trip, this was exactly the laid-back, social kind of day we needed.   

And it was just as social for me as it was for Ellie!   
 Martha E., me, Katherine T., and Sarah G.

The kids were finding fossilized shark teeth, cool seashells....

and even jellyfish!

The weather was exceedingly lovely (low 80's and sunshiney)...

and it ended up being a perfect day....

for everyone!
Priscilla G, Simone T, Zoe E, Haven T, Abigail G, Lydia G, Ellie, Hannah G, Miriam P
 The only downside is that we apparently are out of practice on applying sunblock on a frequent basis, because Adam, Ellie, and I  all ended up with a little sunburn, despite a good slathering of it at the beginning.


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Charlene said...

We miss the beach!! glad you got some social and beach time in!

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