Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Good, the Good, the Bad, the Bad, the Bad, and the Bad

June 13:  
 Good:  I went to a visiting teaching brunch with some awesome ladies.  The food was delicious and the company even better.

Good:  Ellie and Adam had a piano recital and they both did great!

Bad: Spencer crashed the car (yes, that would be the second  crashed car in the last couple of weeks).   The struts were damaged, the tire shredded, the passenger side mirror shattered, and the front passenger side body banged up.  We only repaired what it took to get the car moving again, completely ignoring the damaged body and mirror, which meant it was only $450 down the tube.....  

Bad: It was a HUGELY stressful evening sorting out the details of everything that happened. 

Bad:  Because of the stressful situation at home, Glen had to take the metro home from the airport tonight.   It took 2+ hours. 

Bad:   Cami backed out of her commitment to stay up late with Ellie, so that Ellie could be properly sleep deprived for her EEG in the morning.    That means yours truly got to stay up until 2:15am and wake up at 6:30am.   Yay me. 

Bad: Sleep deprivation and stressful circumstances  are not the ideal set-up for proper mental functioning.  


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Saimi said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry. I do love piano recitals though I bet that was fun!!

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