Tuesday, June 28, 2016


June 15:  
It was a crappy day beginning to end.

My four hour sleep on Monday night caught up with me today, as did my monthly hormones.

It did not bode well for me.

I got the tire from Monday's fiasco fixed at Costco and when the cashier mentioned that the ambulance right outside the door was there for a customer who'd just had a seizure, I lost it.   It was an innocent comment on her part, but  I went to the car and cried and cried and cried some more.   My baby has not outgrown her epilepsy and maybe never will.
I'm sure there were more than a few teardrops on my groceries.

I finally pulled myself together and drove home.  Still I ended up having at least a half dozen more meltdowns by the end of the day for a sundry of reasons, some of them stupid, but most of them not.

I spent much of the day feeling very fatigued and very stressed, but did manage to drag my sorry, tired self to the park with Ellie for a bit.

Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and Ellie smiles are always a good salve to my soul.   

Unfortunately  it wasn't quite enough to shake it yet.  

June 16:
 It was another bad day where I barely functioned and got caught in bad traffic to boot.

June 17:  I woke up today feeling MUCH better.    My mental state has improved immensely, my energy level was almost normal, and I actually got things done.

Cami's schedule for today
7:40-8:30am babysitting job
9-12 work for Marilyn
1-3 babysit
8-11  hang out with "friend"

WE had friends come over, I made homemade pizza, and Cami brought her "friend" to our house to play Telestrations.  


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