Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Home of a Giant

May 23:  The last full day of our trip has finally arrived!  We took our time drying our shoes from our escapades in the rain yesterday, then packed up our bags, found a good bakery for one last delicious French pastry,  and then checked out of our little Parisian apartment and started trekking to the airport.

We arrived to CDG nice and early and, even with the intense security in Paris,  had plenty of time to sit and wait before our flight boarded.   We used the opportunity to buy some duty free European chocolate to share with friends.

Eventually we started the first leg of our  journey westward bound and landed in Iceland for an overnight layover.   After arriving  and checking into our motel, we took a bus into the thriving metropolis of Keflavik (the town where the airport is) and discovered the home of Giganta.

Who is Giganta, you ask?    She's a friendly Icelandic giant, of course.  

And she lives in this lovely little seaside cave right on the edge of Keflavik.

Giganta is very welcoming of visitors....

and although a tad creepy looking with an obnoxiously loud snore, she was actually quite a friendly giant. 

Giganta is the heroine of a series of Icelandic children's books.   She was lonely for a number of years before befriending a little girl, who accompanies her on many adventures. In gratitude for saving some sailors from drowning at sea, the town of Keflavik built her this cave.   She has a tree in her cave for decoration, on which children come from all over and hang their pacifiers on when they're done.  Giganta loves the colorful decorations for her cave and children love knowing that their binkies are being used to make Gianta happy.

After our very delightful visit to Giganta....

we went and got some overpriced dinner in town.....

and soaked in the stark beauty of Iceland's midnight sun one last time....

before embarking on our journey home in the morning.  


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