Sunday, June 5, 2016

Italy to Germany

May 18:  We woke up first thing this morning, checked out of our apartment,  and headed to the La Spezia train station.  After a tad bit of frustration figuring out all the details, we eventually purchased train tickets to Munich, Germany for the 6 of us.

We had to switch trains twice and  overall it was a long day (about 10 hours) ....

during which we slept, read....

and enjoyed the very  beautiful scenery.

Our neighbors on the train probably thought we were  a tad geeky, because we couldn't stop taking pictures out of the windows of the moving train!

We decided that we definitely need to come back to Austria someday!

We oohed and ahed over the scenery all the way to Munich, where we picked up a rental car and headed onto the next leg of our journey!  

But not before enjoying one of our favorite meals of the whole trip at a restaurant called Limani!

It was a pain to get to the restaurant in our beast of a rental car, but the mediterranean food was delicious (and not overly expensive) and the servers were friendly and welcoming.    We would definitely go back if we ever visit Munich again!


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