Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hoofing it Around Paris

May 22:   The Goolds have one single day in Paris, so it only stands to reason that Murphy's Law  dictates that that one day must be as rainy as possible.   After all, we'd already had rainy days in London, Rome, and Munich, why not Paris too?  

Glen and the kids started the day off with an outing to Notre Dame cathedral, however Ellie and I stayed back, so she could get some more rest.  She's feeling much better than she had been in Switzerland, but she's definitely not back up to 100% energy yet.   Ellie and I met them at church, which, happily, was not far away at all. 

The Paris Ward was the definitely the biggest, most bustling ward we visited while we were in Europe, which also meant that was the week that we were the most anonymous visitors.  Cami did enjoy talking to a few of the missionaries there to see what serving a mission in France is like.
Afterward we went to see the Louvre!  

We found a random person to get our whole family (except Spencer) in a picture! 

The kids were doing a little research while we stood in line to get our tickets.

We beelined it straight for the Mona Lisa.

You're not allowed to get very close, but we were excited to get a picture of us as close as we could get.  

We enjoyed exploring for a while longer...

but really couldn't wait to get out into the city.  

Then we walked through the Tuileries Garden (not pictured below)....

to the Arc de Triomphe.  

We explored the city...

 and had fun posing at the Eiffel Tower.  

The window was really howling by then and our €5 umbrellas we bought in Rome were not faring so well by then! 

It was another 25,000 step day for us and in the pouring rain I think it should count double! 

The kids were so excited, after a long day of exploring, the chance to eat some real deal French food.   

The food was quite tasty...

and the perfect way to end our time in France.   

The girls were determined to try escargot...

but I held out for the creme brûlée!  


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Rachel said...

I love the umbrella pictures! So funny!

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