Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Night at the Temple

June 9:   With my kids ages 11-21 now, I don't have to find babysitters very often anymore.  The one exception to that is when we go on youth temple trips.    It involves everyone in the family except Ellie.  At 11, she's well old enough to be on her own for a while, however because of her seizures, we aren't quite there on leaving her the several hours a temple trip takes.   It's an extra pain though, because all the teenagers we know well usually are on the temple trip too (or are  busy with something else that makes it so they can't come), and asking adults makes it feel more like a favor.
This time we called several people, none of whom could take her, and I was beginning to think that either she might just have to stay by herself or Glen or I might have to stay home from this trip.  At the last second, we finally got it taken care of, and we had a wonderful night at the temple.

Because of the timing, it was our lowest attended temple night in a long time, but it was still a good-sized group of youth.  About 90% of the names done were family names that the youth had found themselves, many of which were found by my kids!   It was an exciting and special experience for them!

 I drove a carful of 12-13-year- old girls and I got to hear a whole lot of giggling and the low-down on all the crushes.     Afterward we went out for ice cream and the silliness only increased. 

I've been in this calling (as YW president) for about four years now and going to the temple with the youth is still one of my favorite parts of it.  These youth are so busy and still they take time from their lives to come to the temple.   What great examples they are to me!


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