Thursday, June 16, 2016

Feeling Inspired

May 26:   After yesterday's rough intro back to real life, it was rather challenging dragging my jet-lagged body to the homeschool conference in Ellicott City later that day.   I was dog-tired, extremely discouraged, and worried about a certain child at home, so it wasn't my most productive or focused time, but I was glad to have gone.

Emma and Adam really enjoyed the youth conference portion of it....

and I enjoyed three days of  feeling inspired about homeschooling again.  

I left Emma and Adam at the conference and drove home this evening to be a part of Cami's temple recommend interview with the stake president.  It was great to be there and have him explain to Cami what the temple experience will be like, but I was not excited by the heavy traffic on BOTH ends of my drive there.   
It took 2+  hours each way, all the while increasingly feeling like I am coming down with the same bug that took down Ellie in Switzerland.  


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annalisa said...

Looks like fun (except the traffic part)! ;)

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