Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Better Than it Could Have Been...

Upon waking up this morning it became abundantly clear as to cause behind my fatigued and addled state last night. I have a fever. My first one in years and I'm not liking it one little bit.

Add to my achy, exhausted state of mind that Glen and Spencer are at Scout Camp until Saturday and that Cami had a babysitting job half the day and it could have been a really long horrible day with the kids running amok through the house.

But it wasn't.

I am still achy and miserable, but the kids are as happy as can be thanks to...

My beautiful and awesome sister AnnaLisa...

who spent the day doing crafts with the kids, reading books to them,

and even making a delicious Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner tonight!
Thanks for saving the day AnnaLisa! YOU ROCK!


Andie said...

What time should I be over tomorrow for leftovers of that delicious looking chicken salad? I'll even throw in a couple loads of laundry just for a taste of it! ;-)

Isn't it the best when someone loves you enough to come rescue you and send you to bed when you are sick? When I had what I figure was swine flu after our vacation to Mexico, my mother-in-law did the same for me and I wanted to kiss her feet.

Beautiful picture of AnnaLisa. Hope you feel better soon!

K said...

AnnaLisa does rock! I hope I can find her at my house next time I get sick! (o:

I hope you feel better soon Lara!

Sandra said...

What a blessing to have a sister to help you!! I hope you get feeling better. But then, maybe you could act like you aren't so she could hang around a few more days???? That chicken salad looks great!!

Deanne said...

What a great sister! Can you loan her to us? We'd love to have her over for the day! =)

Dad-Mom said...

AnnaLisa, please come home and cook for Mom and I!! We are wasting away and have not had a single homemade goodie since you left for DC.

Your chicken dish looks amazing.

Hope you feel better soon Lara!

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