Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things I've Learned the Hard Way on this Trip:

  • I am not a country gal. After 24 hours in the tiny towns of Grover and Afton, Wyoming I definitely have decided that I much prefer big city/suburban life ( I think I need to do a separate blogpost on this topic).

  • I need a regular night's sleep to function properly. Of course I already knew this fact, but it got reaffirmed to me in a big way when I reverted back to my teenage days one night when I started crying and yelling at a family member after they said something I took the wrong way. Nothing like feeling immature and stupid.

  • I need to eat healthy food on a regular basis or I get grumpy and sick to my stomach. Oh yeah, and ice cream is NOT my friend!

  • I need my personal space. Even just 10 minutes of being quiet and alone does wonders for my state of mind.

  • I need to go on a diet. When both my mother and my grandmother divulged that their weights were lower than mine, I decided it's time to get my rear in gear.

  • Checking my email is just not as fun as it usually is. Where have all my blogging/commenting friends gone? Vacation or something? :)

  • Packing for an overnight trip is just as time/space consuming as packing for a week.

  • Forgetting your toothbrush for an overnight trip is NOT cool and it's even worse when every store in town closes at 8pm.

  • I have so many cousins that I don't even know some of their names.

  • Laptops are good...and bad. I like that I haven't had to give up my blogging, but I do find it a little sad and humorous when four of us will be in the same room all mumbling to each other from behind our laptops.

  • I miss my family more than I ever thought I could. I'm glad Ellie is here to keep me company or I think I'd go crazy. I may be surrounded by sisters, brothers, a niece, nephew and my parents, but I really, really miss Glen and the kids.

  • Oh yeah and I hate the automatic formatting on blog posts. Stupid extra bullets.


Sandra said...

Oh, I am with you on many of those points. Going off any where just makes home sweeter!

alexandra said...

Oh, Lara. So sad to have left you without my usual witty comments. So mean of me . . .

Feel free to join our morning runs in your effort to shed some weight. I think half the ward is on a diet and we all know how misery loves company!

And yeah, I hate auto formatting as well. Stinkin' extra bullets.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

I have four roommates and we are all sitting here with laptops mumbling. I am going to start singing an see if it breaks up the monotony.

Mirien said...

Don't use the "D" word! There has to be a better way. But I'm with you--I don't realize what a picky eater I am until I am travelling and can't eat the way I'm used to. As for me, I just read a book I really like: The Fiber 35 Diet. it's not a diet, more of a lifestyle. We'll see if I can at least keep it up until my brother's wedding next month! I'm determined to fit into my old clothes again--I don't want to go shopping!

K said...

I think suburbs are the best place to live!

At least you weigh less than all your sisters! (o: Healthier lifestyle here we come!

annalisa said...

I think that I like the suburbs of a city better than the country too :) There's just more to do in the city, although I guess if I lived on a farm, I would have plenty to do :)
I completely understand about needing personal space.
And I have never even met some of our cousins before. (Sad but true):

Holly said...

Okay Lara, I just added your recipe blog to my website. You are officially the blogging queen and ultra creative. You are my idol.

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