Thursday, July 2, 2009

Curious Phenomenon

Spencer is 14 and the oldest in our family.

He loves to ride his bike, play basketball, read, rock climb, and play golf.

He never yells or plays music too loud.

So one would wonder with all his quiet hobbies, why on earth the decibel level in our home has dropped so dramatically with Spence gone at Scout Camp this week?

Here's a hint so you don't have to wonder too hard:  


Mirien said...

I'm guessing it's quieter because the girls scream less without someone to tease them. Maybe Spencer is too mature for that, but that's how it is around here. I'm hoping for the same phenomenon when Evan spends his week at Scout Camp!

Lara said...

You guessed it just right Mirien! The teasing and resulting screams have disappeared overnight. They still find ways to scream at each other, but it's a lot less often than when he's around!

K said...

I heard Spencer even makes Aunt AnnaLisa scream!

Grandpa-Grandma said...

Quite the little provacateur you have there. He just seems to have a way with women. I know he left at least one broken heart at an A&W up in British Columbia Canada.

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