Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Trip in NUMB3RS

After a VERY long day yesterday with more than 12 hours spent in airports and airplanes, Ellie and I are finally back home again. I have a whole list of blog ideas that I'm busting to write, but I really wanted to get this summary of the trip down before I forget everything.

So, in an effort not to bore you with too many pictures and boring descriptions you don't care about, I am trying out an idea I did a few years ago....

My trip summary in NUMB3RS:

years ago (or more) since I'd last seen most of my Hepworth cousins.

times a day that Ellie and her cousin Andrew tried to turn on the TV each day.

8 decades young: I was so happy to be a part of the surprise party for my Nana's 80th birthday.

7--$20 bills plunked down at the BYU Bookstore for new Cougar paraphernalia indoctrination for the kids.
straight days away from my family....hip hip hooray! (for the first day or two anyway)

5-hour lay-over in the world's worst airport. Do you have a guess (or vote) at which airport earns this title from me? I was grumpy enough about our flight being delayed two hours on the third
leg of our trip that I didn't actually take any pictures of the experience (this picture is from our trip out).

4 hundred pictures that I took while in Utah and Wyoming.

out of 4 sisters and our Mom...talking, cooking, cleaning, reminiscing, and laughing together.

2 sweet grandparents finally reunited after almost 26 years apart.

1 very tired, VERY happy lady ecstatic to be back home surrounded by her sweet husband and rambunctious kids. Oh yeah, and to be sleeping in her own bed again.


Andie said...

World's worst airport....gotta be O"Hare.

Andie said...

PS Great pic of your mom and sisters. Cute!

K said...

Is it ok if I just copy this post for my own blog?

By the way, I believe it was ALWAYS Andrew trying to turn on the tv not Ellie!

Charlene said...

I'm heading to UT this Saturday and I need to look into getting a laptop for all my blogging stories. It is going to be crazy!!!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

So glad that your travels were safe...not comfortable obviously but safe! What a sweet thing to say about your Grandparents! I'm not looking forward to those days at all.

Thanks for your comment on the puppy...good gravy. I am NUTS!

annalisa said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your time in utah! i may or may not be jealous of all of my sisters, parents and one brother being there too:)
i bet Chicago O'hare was the airport.

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

1, 2, 3,
iLove the way you Post!
Great Shots!

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