Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 207--Feeding the Masses..

25 people at our house tonight for dinner meant:

Boatloads of food...BBQ Chicken Salad with Cilantro Dressing, Oreo Truffles, Lemon Soaked Poundcake, Pretzel Rolls(coming soon), and Jell-o Pretzel Salad (coming soon).

Breaking the rules with cousins, uncles, and kids playing catch in the street...

and a boatload of sand dumped all over the bottom bunk my the "little ones". Oh joy!

Our guests:
Mika (sister-in-law) with her three girls, Lauren, McKenzie, and Bridgette
Aaron (cousin) with his 9-month-pregnant wife Trish, and their kids, Jakob, JD, Lily, & Sylvie
Bobby (uncle visiting from Oklahoma) with his wife Mary and 2 of their kids, Adrien and Garret
Matt (brother) with his wife Karey and cute little baby Lincoln
AnnaLisa (sister)
+ Glen, me, and Spencer, Cami, Emma, Adam, & Ellie

=25 hungry people!

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