Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogging x 3 = ♥♥♥

Most people think I'm crazy trying to maintain three blogs on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter is that I love each one of the three and am attached to them for very different reasons.

1. The recipe blog is my way to organize all the recipes I try and it keeps me motivated continually trying new recipes and different ingredients. Plus I love "meeting" other foodies and knowing that in some small way I'm making it a little easier for people to feed their families easy and good-tasting recipes.

2. The 365 blog I totally love because I feel like it's a biopic view of our lives. I don't care about being entertaining or whether I get any comments. I just like that I can blog about all the boring details of our lives without any strings attached. I'm already working on the book version on Blurb and can't wait for the detailed view of our year that it will be.

3. And this blog? It's hard to summarize since it varies day to day, but mostly I feel like it's an outlet for my pent up goofiness, ranting, and random thoughts. I love trying to tell our stories, observations, or thoughts in a "different", hopefully somewhat entertaining way! I feel like this blog captures a little bit more of our personalities (especially mine) than the other blogs do and I think it's fun to look back and see how we (and the blog have) evolved over the last 2+ years I've been doing it.

Most of all I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, THANKS for being my supportive (and tolerant) friends. None of this would be anywhere near as fun without all of you!



Denise said...

well...i love all three of them...and admire your ability to blog so consistently.

i have good intentions...but my life keeps getting in the way!!!

you need to tell me your secret.

Steve-Rosanna said...

It is that innate goofiness that keeps drawing us back day after day. For a girl raised in the upper regions of drollness in mid-American Minnesota (think of Garrison Keeler), you certainly have developed a hilarious sense of wit-that highlights the funny parts of everyone's day to day life.

Many say that life is boring, but certainly never at your house.

Thanks for keeping us entertained on a regular basis.

We love you Wawa!

Deanne said...

I'm glad you are so dedicated to all three because I love reading them all too!

Have you ever ordered a book from Blurb? Just curious how they turn out. I'd love to take a look at your 365 one once you have it printed.

angela said...

Love your blog Lara! It makes me feel like we aren't so far away.

Charlene said...

just keep them coming. I have enjoyed each and every one of them!!!

Honey Mommy said...

Good for you! I have two blogs, a public one and private one... and that's enough for me!

Annette said...

You can put in the group of peps who think your crazy for doing three blogs, and doing them so well. New recipes for dinner?? I figure kids are lucky if they get a bowl of cereal some nights.

I always enjoy reading your posts and often have a good laugh and feel better about life when I'm finished. Thanks.

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