Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 236--Adopted?

Today was the first day of middle school orientation. They spend the week getting to know people, learning to open lockers, and exploring the school. Cami's friends showed up at our house bright and early so they could "primp" together.

And although this picture was actually taken last night, I thought it significant enough to share it here...

She's ironing. Jeans. I don't iron anything and she's ironing jeans. Whose child is she anyway?


Deanne said...

How funny! I always thought it was funny for people to iron jeans. I figured it was a generational thing (meaning older generation). But Cami shows that it's making a come back! =)

alexandra said...

Yeah, that's too funny. I think the fact that she's using a towel on the floor as her ironing board might give away the fact that you don't iron too often. Ha!

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