Monday, August 17, 2009

Post #501: Dedication

Eight years ago today, Glen and I officially answered the siren call of the American dream and became the newest starry-eyed home owners in town.

We were young, naive, and eager to settle down while we gained financial freedom as our home exponentially increased in value.
As homeowners, we dutifully stripped off old wallpaper and painted all our walls any color but white, bought a trampoline, lawnmower, and grill so we could enjoy our first ever backyard, and planted flowers in our front yard.

We were on a home loving honeymoon.

Of course over the course of the next few years we got a little dose of reality (mostly right in the wallet)...

You know like the toilets that stopped working, termites that mated in our garage, washing machine that flooded, appliances that broke (again and again), windows that got broken, mailbox that fell over, wallpaper that started peeling, and rodents that ate right through our garage doors.

Our wallets are a lot emptier than we expected, but guess what?

It's the house I've lived the longest in in my whole life and it's almost double the runner-up (the house in Blaine, MN I lived in from 6th to 10th grades).

And guess what else?

We still love our house...foibles and all. Our "to-do" list is still miles long, but our house is becoming more and more OURS every day.

Our bathrooms may be messy, but they're beautiful underneath that mess. Our garden may be full of weeds, but the fresh basil from there is delicious. And while the work on our basement project still hasn't officially begun, it's going to be awesome when it is finally done.

So in honor of our eight year anniversary of living here, I thought I'd dedicate my 501st blogpost to it in hopes that it would think of us kindly and remember how much we love it.

Oh crap! It's ticked that I missed the 500th post...

a flooded hot water heater. Oh joy.


K said...

Happy 8th Anniversary! It's important to mention the number of guests this lovely home and it's owners have welcomed in the last 8 years. I'm positive there were too many to count! Thanks for your constant hospitality and patience!

It is amazing to think you've been in one house so long. I think the longest I've stayed in one place in the last 15 years is about 18 months.

Did your water heater really break?

Steve-Rosanna said...

K is right on. Glen and you have graciously hosted family members and friends for countless nights over those eight years. Some of us for a few nights and others for longer periods of time.

We all totally appreciate your gracious hospitality and the wonderful food you always cook-up for your guests.

And we must say that your home today is much, much improved over the original. The basement bathroom alone is unimaginably nicer.

Thanks to you both and to your wonderful home!

P.S. We have also passed a milestone by living in our current house for nine years plus-by far the longest time in any one home in our 37 years of marriage.

Love, Dad and Mom

Lara said...

I only wish I were kidding about our hot water heater. We've got wet puddles in the garage and in the basement hallway that remind me otherwise though.

Denise said...

happy anniversary! I remember when you guys bought your house. how fun!!

you know...except for the flood.

K said...

Where are all your commenters? Everyone must be on vacation or something.

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