Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 223--Pool Party!

Ellie's preschool friend, Maylie, invited us all to their apartment's pool for a party. Even the older kids were having fun cooling off on a hot day and trying a different pool than the one we usually go to.
Spencer started these "totem poles" with the kids and even asked me afterwards if I'd gotten any good pictures of them.

We had a little scary experience when Ellie panicked out in the middle (with the noodle and arm floaties) and started clambering all over Emma who was in a little over her head. Poor Emma was trying so hard to help Ellie AND keep her head above water meanwhile they were both struggling to stay up. I had to jump in and rescue them (with the help of a friend). They were both hysterical in fear, but otherwise totally fine.
Soon the incident was forgotten (or in the case of the lifeguard, never even noticed in the first place) and everyone continued to have a great time!

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alexandra said...

Yeah, that lifeguard was obviously overpaid.

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