Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 226--School Supplies and Birthday Parties

After a play date for the kids was canceled for this morning I was bound and determined to make today my back-to-school shopping day. I wanted to be out the door no later than 9:00am, which meant we didn't leave until 9:30. Even with the late start the school supply aisles were void of people when we got there. I gave each of the kids pens and went up and down the aisles calling, "How many packs of pencils do you need?" "Markers. Who needs markers?"
Spencer was at football practice at the time, so obviously I had to bring someone extra with me so I wouldn't be gypped of my full quota of children. We put Cami's friend Mikhaela to work pushing the second cart and helping keep track of Ellie. Now we've got everything on those blasted lists except the math supplies (rulers, protractors, compasses, etc), which we could not find anywhere. Oh and a pencil box for Adam too. He totally refused to take a pink or purple or sparkly one, which were the only ones Wal-mart carried.

Then an entire month past her 12th birthday, Cami finally had her birthday party. Since one of her best friend's (Mikhaela) birthday is coming up soon, they thought they'd plan a joint party and make the best of it. They planned every last detail, down to homemade ice cream cake, "13 Going on 30", frozen pizza (because it was cheaper than ordering), and swimming in the dark. All their planning paid off and they had a fabulous time with their friends.

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alexandra said...

Sorry to bail on you. Perhaps you can run and get all of those math supplies on Monday with only a kid or two in tow?

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