Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 240---Driving is for the Dogs

Today's pictures are a pretty random assortment:

One of Cami's best friends helps take care of dogs for others. Cami is insanely jealous by this and takes every opportunity possible to "help" Megan out in her responsibilities.

I don't know how my kids have such a sixth sense, but seemingly every time Megan and her brother walk by our house with their little brood of doggies, my kids know it and beeline it out the door to pet and play with them.

This is a feather that Adam found when we walked Ellie to Rachel's birthday party this morning. He was really excited by how big it was and the fact that it had the cool stripes. We thought that maybe it came from an owl or other large bird.

Finally, although we did walk to Rachel's house, most of our time lately has been spent in the car. Between the 20 miles or so each day to take Spencer back and forth to football practice, Cami's middle school "summer institute", and Cami's babysitting job ...we've been averaging A LOT of miles each day this week. I, for one, am already sick of the chauffeuring, but imagine that it will get a lot worse before it gets better.


K said...

Is Cami wearing makeup????????????????

gg said...

K, I asked the same question when I saw her once I got home from work that day. Probably in a little bit of a different tone than you.

I can't believe we've arrived at this stage of life - buckle up!!!

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