Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Play Dates: Then and Now

Play dates when they're four:

Princess dresses, tiaras, dolls, and fighting over who gets to be the mom when they play house.


Play dates when they're twelve:

Straightening each other's hair, trying on each other's new school clothes,
manicures, applying make-up to each other, and ogling over Zac Efron.


Both of them pretending to be older, but somehow the 12-year-old version seems a little too realistic to me and scares the living daylights out of me. While Ellie and her friends look fancy and cute all dressed up in their princess clothes, Cami and her friends just look beautiful. I can't imagine the day is too far away when little frog princes really do come knocking on our door. AAAAAGH!

Disclaimer: While it may appear that I have kids old enough to go to middle school and high school, it's merely all an illusion. I am still a young mom with young kids. Got it?


Denise said...

I don't .... those play dates sound pretty similar to me.

annalisa said...

you're funny, lara! of course you're still a young mom with young kids :)

Deanne said...

Oh the joys I have to look forward too! Luckily Sophie is only five right now...although I'm sure twelve will be here before I know it.

K said...

You are a young mom, you are a young mom, you are a young mom!!!

JenJ said...

I understand! I kind of hit that sad place yesterday where you look at your child and realize they are about to be grown up!!! I am treasuring the last few months of 11.

Dad-Mom said...

No you are no longer a young mom, but a sophisticated 30-something mother of teenagers (for heavens sake, can you really be that old?)

Our baby girl-closer to 40 than 30!

Good heavens-how old does that make us???

Scary indeed.

K said...

You ARE a young mom!

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