Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dad and Spencer are out of town, Mom is on a vacation from her blog, so I'll be taking over for a little while

If you haven't already noticed my dad and brother are out of town.

I like having a break from my brother for a while

I do miss my dad, but I have to admit there are some upsides to him being gone

For Example:

eating salmon(my dad is deathly allergic to it)

sleeping on his side of my mom's and Dad's high technology sleep number bed

I don't have to get up at 8 in the morning to have prayer with my dad(now my usual wake up time is 10:30)

I spend more time with friends, because my mom isn't worried about how much time I spend with my dad "Just in case he gets home early"(I had Mikhaela over till 11:oo PM the other day)

of course I was really embarrassed when nobody in the house knew how to tie a tie so adam went to church carrying his tie, and had to ask one of the missionaries to tie it for him. I mean what kind of mom doesn't know how to tie a tie?


Denise said...

Now...I could get on board with this...Cami...I bet you have all the BEST dirt on your mom and dad.

Wanna share?

K said...

I don't know how to tie a tie either.

I agree with Denise tell us something funny about your parents. I know your mom would love it!

Grandma said...

Seriously Camikins, you have a "gift". Indeed you are a natural at this.

Grandpa and I were reading along with he broke out laughing over your Adam story. Such a dilemma with no one in the house to tie a tie. Like your mom and K, I don't know how to tie a tie either-so your story was absolutely hilarious!

We are so glad that you decided to be the ghost rider for your mom from time to time. And yes as Denise suggested, we really need to hear some funny stories about your mom and dad and maybe even Spencer.

Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Annette said...

11 pm?? Party at your house! Sound fun.

alexandra said...

To begin, you have the BEST blog titles ever! And I like the dish on your mom and dad, particularly your mom.

But I've now decided to never teach my kids how to post anything on my blog. :)

grandma c said...

Good job, Cami! You are a natural at blogging.

Deanne said...

I love reading your posts as much as I do your mom's. So keep 'em coming! =)

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