Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 244--GreenSpring Gardens

Today was one of those totally spontaneous days for me. The weather's been unseasonably gorgeous for late August, which is great for outdoor activities but a little too cool for the pool. I woke up on this beautiful day on one of the last fleeting days of summer vacation not having a clue what we should do.

Sometime mid-morning Cami mentioned to me that her friend, Mikhaela, and her family were going to GreenSpring Gardens and that she wanted to go along with them. I was intrigued. We had gone there a few months ago with the preschool group, and I had been meaning to take the rest of my family there anyway, so within half an hour we were in the car and on our way there too.

After exploring the gardens for a while, we found a shady place next to a little brook to sit to have a picnic. As per usual, my kids were way more interested in the Mercer's food than they were in what I'd packed.

After eating, they all took some time hanging out .....

...literally and much to the chagrin of some other parents who were there at the same time and whose young boy kept attempting Spencer's daring antics.

The rest of the time was just spent wading, jumping, and just some good old fashioned exploring of the brook and surrounding area.

I fell in love with this cute picture of Mikhaela's little sister, Cassandra. She is a sweet, energetic little girl that seems to never lose that beautiful smile off her face.

I spent the first half of the trip there frustrated with Ellie's grumpiness and lethargy, but after a little while it became very apparent that it was more than just a bad day for her. She had a fever. She spent the rest of the trip curled up in a ball in the stroller with her corner blankie wrapped around her. Then to seal the deal on whether she was really sick or not...she threw up in the car on the way home. Thankfully, due to her vast experience with all things vomiting, she actually gave me enough warning to toss her back an empty cup to throw up into. She didn't spill a drop.

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K said...

Poor Ellie Bellie. I hope she's better now!

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