Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Cougs!

I don't even hesitate in saying that my Dad is probably one of the most avid BYU football fans there ever was and if you had ever watched a game with him you wouldn't even try to dispute this fact.

It is an understatement to say that game days were big at our house.

Not only were schedules tweaked to accommodate the games and all other activities ceased, but the decibel level in our house went to uproarious levels during game time. It was loud no matter how the game was going, but it was the tone at which those decibels were expressed that meant that we knew exactly how the game was going in any corner of the house. Loud cheers and happy yelling meant all was well in Cougarland (and in our house), while loud guffaws and shouts for people's heads meant that we were doomed to extra chores for the next few days.

While all BYU games are exciting to my Dad (a native Oklahoman), tonight's game held a special significance to him....he was once a Sooner too.

Unlike my Dad's brother (a Sooner married to a Cougar) who was so conflicted about who to cheer for that he just decorated his house like this....
my Dad had no question who he was rooting for...

he had flown to Dallas hoping for a miracle.

Tonight across 1300 miles I heard my Dad's jubilant cheering (joined with the happy but slightly more subdued cheering at our house) that could only mean one thing...

No extra chores tonight!



Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Do you believe in miracles?!? Yes, indeed I spent a lot of time and money to go to Dallas to see my beloved Cougars square off against the beloved Sooners of my youth.

And yes, I was wearing BYU blue and was only hoping that BYU would keep it respectably close. Wasn't really hoping for a win-just not to be embarrassed. Oh me of so little faith.

What an amazing night and what an amazing new palace-Cowboy Stadium. Never ever been in a more elegant setting for a sports contest. Imagine attendants in the bathrooms passing out paper towels with logos on them.

14-13 BYU...a game for the ages!!!

Momma Nielson said...

I love you dad! Can't believe he was once a Sooner! We watched the game in Provo in my sons' apartment with 20 people stuffed into the tiny living room. It was absolute mayhem when OU missed the field goal. Then spontaneous celebrating in the streets. So much fun!

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