Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Labors

Most people think Labor Day is a day for picnics and swimming and, in general, resting from your labors. It's all fine and dandy that most people do that, but in our family we have no need for rest and relaxation. Our lives are all about superfluous seriosity.

My philosophy is why in the world would they call it LABOR day if it weren't for laboring?

This year we decided on a task that would test our patience, agility, and attention to details. It was going to be a bucket load of hard work, but we were hoping that in the end that the kids could look past the reddened, prickled hands and slimy worms and truly enjoy the fruit of their labors.

The work was so back-breaking that even Cami had to put her full weight into its efforts...

and Ellie was so over-worked she kept having to take short breaks to rejuvenate her energy level with a quick snack...

And, Spencer, the poor kid! He hadn't even started seminary yet, but we wore him out to the bones and he didn't even notice when Cami lost her balance from the heavy labors and almost dropped our entire day's bounties onto his fatigued body.

It was difficult and back-breaking work, but in the end our superfluous seriosity paid off with a bucket load of joy!

Whew! With that kind of hard work to start off our week, no wonder I'm so dog tired now!



K said...

Looks like fun to me! What better way to start a week than with fresh raspberries?

Deanne said...

Yum...fresh raspberries. Where do you go to pick them?

Aitch said...

Wish I could have joined you again this year!

"Superfluous seriosity" is definitely the phrase of the day :o)

annalisa said...

lara, you're funny! i like the picture of cami about to "drop" the raspberries on spence:)

Annette said...


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