Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ramblings of Middle Aged Babies...

With Spencer in high school, Cami in middle school, Emma and Adam in elementary school, and Ellie in preschool this year I knew that this year would be a little crazy and may even give me a few gray hairs, but today I got a little preview at just how crazy!

This afternoon I dropped Spencer off at his high school football practice, then went directly to the middle school open house to fill out boat loads of paperwork and write out 6 separate checks (no exaggeration) for lunches, PTA membership, gym clothes, etc.

While there, Cami got her locker assignment and got to practice her secret combination skills. :)

She was really happy when she got to her locker to discover that she had one of the "big" lockers. Most of the lockers in the school were several inches shorter and only the width of her hand, but hers is so tall she can hardly reach the top shelf and is apparently big enough to fit a little "sevvie" (what they call seventh graders) inside of as well. Of course that's something we really hope never happens in the course of a school day. :)

Then we went straight to the elementary school where the kids got to see which teacher they got this year and which of their friends would be in their classes. Emma is ecstatic about her teacher and classmates, while Adam was a little sad that only 3 kids, two of which were girls, from his kindergarten class would be his classmate this year. Of course I'm confident that in a couple of weeks he'll be coming home bubbling over about all his new best friends.

Then we ran home, cooked spaghetti for supper since I'm way too busy for new recipes this week, then ran back to the high school for Spencer's open house.

Boy oh boy was high school a different ball of yarn than elementary school. It was crowded, a tad disorganized, and filled with gangly, pimpled teens wandering around in little herds. I would have taken a picture of the pervasive giddiness, except that I'm sure that Spencer would have disowned me on the spot if I'd pulled out my camera in front of his future classmates.

Plus I got this weird, slightly disconcerting feeling while I was there.

I have been feeling so old whenever I think that I have a son who is in high school and will be driving in less than 2 years!!! Seriously, if I wasn't middle aged yet, this has to qualify me now.

But then again, after having been to two official high school functions now I've noticed that Glen and I are probably a good 10-15 years younger than most of the other parents. We're probably just getting to the age now where they had just had their first baby and we have a fourteen year old (plus a few others).

I know we felt very wise and mature when I had him after I had just barely turned 22 (Glen was almost 24)... But now I'm beginning to feel like we might be like baby middle-agers.

If I weren't so completely exhausted now I would totally photoshop a picture of us wearing diapers and with binkies in our mouths to show how we're so young/old, but that is way beyond my tech skills this time of night.
This picture of us all ready for bed tonight will just have to do.



annalisa said...

lara, i love that last photo of you and glen in the crazy baby costumes :) (please don't dye your hair that blond color in the picture:)
i think it's funny that you and glen are young parents of a 14 year old.
i really hope that cami does not get stuffed into a locker because that would not be fun at all.

Denise said...

oh...i so with you here. we are continually the youngest parents around...but i know when the youngest gets to this stage...we will fit right in.

ack. even though we're young...i feel old now.

Charlene said...

HaHaHaHa!! Use that picture as a threat for your older children if they cause any problems for you!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

We were okie-dokie until we got down to that last picture of you and Glen. Ughhh!

Love the picture of a very-young Glen and baby Spencer.

Could we really be that old??

Great pix of Cami at her new school.

Good luck to all in the new school year.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

K said...

The only reason I think your old is because you have a daughter wearing make-up. AGHHH!

That last picture of you is amazing!

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