Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 257--Monday

Ellie really doesn't know what to do with herself when it comes to being home by herself all day. Today we actually had baby Jonas staying with us, but it wasn't quite the same still.

We (Ellie, Jonas, AnnaLisa, and I) walked to our neighborhood park this morning and Ellie really enjoyed her little taste of big sisterhood as she doted on Jonas. Hopefully she's getting her fill, because it's as close as she'll ever get to big sisterhood.

At the park Ellie made it very clear that A) she was lonely and B) she was tired.

For family home evening tonight we tried out some gluten free chocolate chip cookies for Chelise (Josh's wife) who is allergic to gluten. They didn't hold together quite as well as normal gluten filled cookies, but they weren' t too bad either.

Then we had a lesson taught about "Love At Home". Ellie had wanted to help with the lesson, so she was my personal lesson giving assistant!

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