Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 255--Soccer, Soccer, Bo, Boccer

The first games of the soccer season were today.

Adam was so excited to be playing again, that he just couldn't seem to wipe that smile from his face. He was huffing and puffing as he ran up and down the field, but even still he kept that smile the entire game.

While Adam played, Emma was charged keeping baby Jonas (my cousin's son) entertained. Emma thoroughly enjoyed her realm of responsibility and doted on him hand and foot.

Of course, after a while Cami realized she was getting gypped of Jonas time and took over for Emma.

Then it was off to Emma's soccer game. She hadn't played since she was five, so she was pretty nervous getting started. It didn't take too long though before Emma was running full speed ahead and defending that ball!

When Emma's game was done, she got to play with one of her BFF's who plays on the same team with her. Audrey has recently moved away and Emma has been going through Audrey withdrawals lately. But with Audrey's dad as the coach they're ensured three days a week together for the next couple months!

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