Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 252--09/09/09

With a cool date like this it should've been a super cool, exciting day, but it wasn't.

After a total melt-down the night before, I woke up today stressed about all that I had to do. Not only was I weighed down by some big decisions to make, panicked about trying to get ready for my cousins to arrive from Utah, but I was also completely and totally exhausted with the arrival of early morning seminary into our lives this morning. It was set to be a long day.

Then Adam woke up with a fever. After being so disappointed that he was missing his second day of first grade, he promptly laid down and slept most of the day away.

It could've added to my stress to have him home, but I think it actually helped ground me a little. I didn't have to feel guilty for not running errands and he was so cute with Ellie when he was awake that I think that him being home actually made my life a little easier.

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