Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 245--Fleeting Summer Days

Today was the first big day in our trek to starting back to school.

First we went to Cami's middle school to fill out paperwork, buy gym clothes, join the PTA, get her locker combination, etc.

Since she'd had a week of locker combination opening (among other useful skills) during her "summer institute" last week, she was already a pro at opening her locker.

Then we were off to the elementary school to find out who their teachers would be. Emma has one of our favorite teachers of all time (Mr. Stephens) and Adam has Mrs. Hodge who we've never had before, but seems like she'll be wonderful. It'll be weird to only have 2 kids in the elementary school again ( just like in the olden days when it was just Spence and Cam).

After that it was off to the high school to fill out forms and write checks there too. Spencer's favorite part was that they were handing out free chick-fil-a sandwiches and freshly baked cookies. I think that moved its coolness factor up ten-fold right there.

Only a couple more days!

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