Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tonight I was THAT mom.

You know the mom I swore I'd never grow up to be.

The kind of mom that makes my kids cringe in embarrassment at the mere mention of what I've done.

Tonight I gave a lecture to a complete stranger ( a little boy of about 10-years-old).

And when he looked at me open-mouthed for daring to confront him after he had just rammed me on his bike and ridden away without so much as a muttered sorry under his breath, I sat there and calmly taught him a 3 minute lesson all about manners and respect...

then asked him if he spoke English when he didn't respond,

then lectured him some more when he still didn't respond,

then patiently waited for him to apologize,

which he did (in perfect English).



K said...

That's hilarious!

Steve said...

Way to go Wawa!! You are a woman after my own mindset.

There is way too much timidity in this family sometimes and too often we allow complete strangers to push us around without standing up for our rights.

Rarely happens to me because I am not afraid of confronting rude and/or obnoxious people.

K needs to share her story about being line-jumped at a pizza place while she was here recently. She came the rude arrogant man an earful.

Nothing wrong with being meek, but sometimes we just have to stand up for what is right!

Good job girl.

Deanne said...

Well I guess I know who I won't be ramming my bike into! ;)

Denise said...

ohmyword. you go. I wanna be THAT mom!

Charlene said...

I love THAT MOM!!!

C and Co. said...

WOO HOO!! At least someone will teach him about manners and respect!! Way to go!!

Andie said...

You are awesome, Lara!

Mirien said...

It needed to be said. Way to go.

Annette said...

You are THAT Mom? Very cool. Your kids should be proud!

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