Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 246--Busy Day

The day started off with a bang...
or more like a buzz and some pounding. With the neighbor getting some serious tree trimming done and Karl laboring away with a nail gun on our built-in book shelves in our living room, the decibel level in our house was LOUD with a capital L !!! I tried to take a phone call and couldn't seem to find a single place in the house where it was quiet enough to have more than a short conversation.

This afternoon we headed to the elementary school for the open house. We were in a big rush to get Spencer off to football, but Emma was eager to take some time to reconnect with old friends she hasn't seen since last school year!

Then we dropped Spencer off at the high school, took a quick jaunt to the pool for an hour (finally it got over 80 again), then we headed home, ate a quick dinner (sloppy joes with pepperoni), and then ran to Spencer's first scrimmage of the year against South Lakes.

We thought the kids would enjoy their time watching Spencer play, but it totally ended up being play time for Emma, Adam, Ellie, and Emma's good friend Elena. They played freeze tag for a good hour, then took to running laps around the school track. I thought they'd be all worn out after a lap, but they were like the Energizer bunnies tonight...they kept going and going and going...six whole times around! After that mile and a half jog, plus their freeze tag time, plus Spencer's glaring disappointment about how the scrimmage went, we decided some good old fashioned ice cream from DQ was in order!

They are sleeping well now!

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