Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 254--Precarious Feats of Balance

It looks like the new order of my days now are going to be "Precarious Feats of Balance and Being in Two (or More) Places at Once."

Thursday nights now consist of Adam's soccer practices, Spencer's freshman football games, Young Women for Cami, and Activity Days for Emma. (That would be three places at once).

While most Friday nights won't be quite as jam packed, this particular one held a Popsicles on the Playground activity at the elementary school, a ward activity at the park, Emma's soccer practice on a far away field across town, and the high school's varsity football games (which Spencer is required to attend).

Thank goodness for a little rain today which canceled the varsity football game and elementary school activity and meant that I only had TWO places to be in at once instead of four. We went straight from Emma's soccer practice to the ward party where we got to enjoy approximately 4.3 seconds of fun in the pitch dark. On the upside, we did have 2 entire pans of O'Henry bars which we got to keep for ourselves.

Here's a picture of Ellie freezing to death in her cat costume, which of course is a natural choice for wearing to your sister's soccer practices.

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